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New Hoodia Revitalise Slender Gel - Puts YOU in control of where you slim!

It was only natural that following the incredible success of our pure Hoodia capsules, other means of using this amazing plant would be developed.

Well now we can be the first in the UK to offer you the latest amazing development direct from South Africa, utilising Hoodia's tremendous properties - New Hoodia Gel!

As hoodia works by fooling the brain into thinking you've eaten, it makes sense that getting the active ingredients into your system as quickly and effectively as possible is an important factor.

New Hoodia Gel is applied directly to the skin and massaged into the areas you most want to reduce.
This allows the active molecules in the Hoodia to absorb straight into your body, while the other ingredients get to work on fat and cellulite in the targeted area.

Because it's absorbed through the skin, the gel takes effect very quickly. There's no waiting for your digestive system to do its work, the important elements get work straight away!


The "Bums 'n Tums" gel...

One of the great features with New Hoodia Gel is that you can apply it directly to problem areas such as stomach, buttocks or thighs for a increased localised effect

In preliminary tests, subjects saw noticeable results within only 2 weeks of use, observing a reduction in overall size, and a smoother appearance to the skin.


Hoodia Gordonii

The science bit:

The formulation contains spagyric essences blended in synergy to maximise the overall effect of this product.
Also, using trans-dermal rather than gastrointestinal modal for absorption into the bloodstream, has further improved the speed in which "effect resonance" is felt.

In addition to the already very well reported benefits of Hoodia Gordonii, New Hoodia Slender Gel also contains: Guarana, Fennel, Kola Nut, Juniper and Pink Grapefruit, which can all provide additonal help with mobilising fat, detoxifying etc.

All you need to do is simply massage 1 or 2 squirts of Hoodia Revitalise Slender Gel into the problem area once or twice a day, and you'll soon be on the way to that beautiful bikini body!

And remember, thanks to our long term contacts in South Africa, New Life Health are the ONLY company in the UK selling this fantastic new product.

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Read our article on Hoodia Facts and Scams before you buy. You can see our Cites Certificate here.